Know Your Truffles

We hope that this series of posts will help you fully understand the various differences between truffles on the market. They all have characteristics that make them unique and distinctive. Some of them can be quite similar, but there will always be that little detail such as a different smell, shape, gleba or colour, that will help you understand and know what truffle you have in front of you. 

In our “Know Your Truffles series”, we’ll be talking about the main types that are currently available on the market. The main goal of this series is to educate our customers on truffles, and bring a better understanding of what we are offering here on our marketplace. 

The better you know your truffles, the easier it’s going to be to use them with the enormous range of delicious receipts that are out there. 

There is a vast number of different types of truffles out there such as: aestivum, borchii, brumale, exacatum, gennadii, indicum, macrosporum, magnatum, melenconii, melanosporum, mrlosporum, mesentericum,nitidum, oligospermum, panniferum, puberulum, refum, uncinatum and others.